VERDUNITY is not your traditional planning or engineering firm. We are committed to people, partners and clients who are serious about making neighborhoods healthier and resilient.

The way we've been building our places is not sustainable. The wants and needs of cities far exceed available resources, yet most planning and engineering firms continue to sell solutions that are more expensive than cities can afford and that negatively impact the social and natural environment. 

We are not interested in designing expensive infrastructure projects that take years to get built with money cities don't have, but rather helping city leaders find ways to save time, money and resources. We believe we can improve the future of communities and neighborhoods through intentional planning and design decisions, collaboration and engaged citizens. We are inspired by people and organizations who are willing to challenge "business as usual" and let go of conventional approaches.

We know that fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship mean something different for every project and community, and our team is committed to helping you figure out what works best for your situation. Our team thrives on exploring the difficult issues, breaking down traditional silos, and bringing people and perspectives together to take actionable steps forward with the resources you do have available.

We help community leaders identify and deliver projects that engage citizens, enhance quality of life, reduce infrastructure costs, and minimize environmental impacts.

What's up with the name, VERDUNITY?

There are a lot of consulting firms in the marketplace. Many of them use the owner’s name or initials in the company name. We wanted a name that would help us stand out from the crowd and be representative of our company's purpose, our core clients, and how we work. 

Our name and accompanying tagline represent our vision, approach and company culture, and demonstrate that we approach things differently, starting with a unique name.

Verde Circle.png


The VERD portion of our name represents what inspires us:

  • Fiscally Productive Places
  • Natural Systems and Green Infrastructure
  • Economic Gardening and Incremental Development
Community Circle.png


The UNITY represents where and how we work:

  • Communities and Neighborhoods
  • Locally-Led Initiatives
  • Partnerships


VERDE + COMMUNITY became VERDUNITY ~ A Better Future, By Design. We believe we can improve communities and neighborhoods through intentional planning and design decisions, collaboration and engaged citizens, and that the path to a healthy and prosperous future for our kids begins with bridging the gap between what citizens need and what cities are actually doing. 


Core Values

why we do what we do

Allow your PASSION to become your PURPOSE, and it will one day become your PROFESSION.
— Gabrielle Bernstein

Our core purpose is to preserve and enhance quality of life for future generations. 

Our vision and philosophy are based on four guiding principles. Everything we do with our clients, within our organization, and in our home communities can be tied back to these core values.

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Antifragile, Incremental Growth
  • Engaged "Strong" Citizens


How we work

Successful companies understand the importance of a strong culture and amazing people. We are no different. From the day we started, we have worked to create an environment that respects individual needs, talents and personalities, but that binds these together into a cohesive team that shares our bigger goals. We've invested in an office setup, tools and processes that allow tremendous flexibility for where, when and how our team gets their work done. We strive to work smart (not hard) and have fun while we're doing it. The combination of our people and shared purpose are what makes VERDUNITY a special place. 

Every day, we're doing what we love, with people we like being around, for clients we enjoy working with. It's awesome.

There are seven behavioral values we look for and cultivate in our team in order to have the foundation of trust, clear communication and accountability required to make a culture like ours work.

Authenticity Attracts

Trust and teamwork begins with self awareness and honesty. Know who you are, be that person all day every day with everyone.

Criticize with Compassion, Care without Restraint

Giving and receiving constructive criticism, honest feedback and compassion improves our ideas, our results and each other. 

Relentless Learning and Influential Education

Never stop searching for new ideas and ways to improve yourself and others around you.

Fail Forward

Where there are no problems, there's no progress. It's better to fail incrementally and not catastrophically.


Disciplined pursuit of doing less, but doing those things better. Whatever you're doing, be present and give it 110%.

No Egos Allowed

Together we are better. We will not compromise what's best for the team in order to serve one person's interests or ego.

Self-Employed Mentality

Work, act and make decisions as if you owned the company yourself.

We're VERDUNITY. Nice to meet you.

With us, business IS personal. Our clients are our friends, our peers, and our communities. We can't expect to help you uncover true priorities and opportunities unless we really get to know you. Within our company, we encourage and expect every member of our team to live a balanced lifestyle and develop close relationships with each other, our friends and our families. 

Our team members are innovators, educators and collaborators who just happen to also be professional planners, civil engineers, urban designers and sustainability specialists. Every member of our team is passionate about educating and engaging citizens and implementing new approaches to make great places where people want to be now and in the future. We are inspired by places, people and other organizations who are willing to challenge "business as usual" and conventional approaches. 


Kristin Green

Kristin Green, PE, ENV-SP

FOUNDING Principal

As VERDUNITY's majority owner, Kristin leads, inspires, and many times, corrals our crew. She has been recognized by national, regional and local publications as a leader in the engineering profession and in her home community, where she serves on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Kristin oversees the firm's operations and contributes transportation and site civil engineering expertise on projects.

"For me, VERDUNITY is about pursuing what I am passionate about. In 2008, when the economy got really tough and I witnessed communities being forced to put necessary infrastructure improvements to the side, I realized that the way that we plan, fund, design and maintain our infrastructure needed to change. As an engineering professional and a member of a community that I want to see thrive, I developed a passion for helping local communities build vibrant, healthy, and fiscally sustainable communities. I am equally passionate about being a part of an organization that encourages and empowers employees to pursue what they believe in. VERDUNITY is structured as a flexible and highly collaborative environment, rewarding innovative thought, productivity, and professional development at all levels, while giving everyone the flexibility to work how and when they work best. Our company structure and approach are anything but conventional, but they allow us to maximize value to our clients and our team members." 


Kevin Shepherd

Kevin Shepherd, PE, ENV-SP/Verifier

founding Principal

Kevin brings a unique combination of engineering and planning perspectives, along with expertise in business and municipal finance.  He leverages his breadth of experience to educate, identify opportunities, and bring disciplines and stakeholders together to push the limits of traditional design, planning and development approaches. Kevin is a Verifier for ISI’s Envision rating system and a member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the STAR Communities program. He is a vocal advocate for the non-profit group Strong Towns, participates in several professional organizations related to planning and engineering, serves on board of the north Texas chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism, and writes and speaks regularly on the topics of fiscally-based planning, lean urbanism, small scale development, economic gardening and neighborhood revitalization. Kevin oversees our strategic planning and business development activities and leads planning and engagement efforts for the firm.

"Prior to starting VERDUNITY, I had the opportunity to serve as National Director of the community planning and urban design program at a large A/E firm. Traveling the country and working with planners, landscape architects, economists and cities of all types and sizes opened my eyes. The post WW II development pattern has some significant fiscal and environmental consequences, and the traditional engineering approach was (and still is) part of the problem. Community leaders must look past short-term rewards and consider how development will be paid for when growth slows down and infrastructure maintenance bills come due, and then empower citizens and local businesses to engage and help with their time, talent and treasure. When everyone comes together to do what's best for their neighborhood or community, powerful things happen. VERDUNITY has given me the platform to share what I know and initiate change within the engineering industry and communities."   

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Mikel Wilkins

Mikel Wilkins, PE, ENV-SP/Verifier

Senior Associate

Mikel has over 22 years of environmental engineering and consulting experience working with municipalities, military installations and developers throughout the country. Like Kevin, Mikel is an Envision Accredited Sustainability Professional and Verifier. Mikel is an expert in the field of low impact development, green infrastructure and integrated stormwater management. He works closely with clients to integrate these concepts into projects to improve water quality, reduce flooding risk, and elevate property values. Mikel assists with business development and client management, and leads environmental efforts for the firm.

"I spent the better part of 2012 and 2013 collaborating with Kevin on various committees refining the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure's (ISI) Envision rating system framework. It became very apparent that VERDUNITY's vision aligned perfectly with my professional goals. Our passionate team represents many of the individual disciplines that must work together in order to build and foster collaborative planning and design efforts to address our nation's infrastructure deficiencies. We're breaking the mold of traditional infrastructure consulting practices and leveraging our shared expertise to enhance the quality of life in all of the communities that we serve. I'm excited to pioneer efficient infrastructure planning and design strategies that balance financial, environmental and social impacts and facilitate development of community priorities."

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Jordan Clark

Jordan Clark

Jordan is a designer with specialization in ecological design. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Political Science from Anderson University, and earned his Masters in Ecological Design from The Conway School in Boston. Jordan has a diverse background in urban planning and design, ecology and landscape architecture, and is fluent in both English and Spanish. He handles the majority of the graphic design work for our team as well. His influences include Chuck Marohn and Strong Towns, Aaron Renn and David Orr, and his perspective has also been shaped by time spent living and working abroad in Madrid, Spain and Cairo, Egypt. He is especially passionate about the social justice and walkability aspects of communities.

"I first heard about VERDUNITY while listening to a podcast interview Kevin and Kristin were doing with Chuck Marohn from Strong Towns. I reached out to Kevin via Twitter, which led to a follow-up conversation and ultimately an interview and job offer. What really drew me to VERDUNITY over some of the more established places I was also interested in was the feel of the place. Right out of the gate, in our phone conversations, I felt like my opinions and input were already being valued - and I wasn't even on the team yet! I was impressed by the desire to be out in front, figuring things out and doing new things. VERDUNITY's vision and approach very much mimics how I see my own personal journey. When I came to Texas and met the group, that sealed the deal. I still feel like I absolutely lucked out with this fit. What I tell people is that it just seems like the right combination of company philosophy, workplace style, interesting and meaningful work, personal autonomy, and fun and talented people."   

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Mili Tagle

Mili is the most recent addition to our team. She earned her undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering from the La Molina National University of Agriculture in Peru, and will be graduating this December with her Masters in Sustainability from Southern Methodist University. Mili is fluent in Spanish and English, and also speaks French and Slovak. Prior to joining VERDUNITY, she completed internships in Lima, Peru and Washington, D.C., and worked with IBM in Slovakia. Mili wears a lot of hats, including GIS analysis and map production, civil design, and CAD.



Want to be a VERDOONER?

We are always open to talking with people who share our passion and are interested in helping make our neighborhoods better. If you're interested in joining our team, please fill out the form below to get the process started. We look forward to learning more about you and seeing where the conversation goes from there!

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Company Certifications and Registrations

VERDUNITY, Inc. holds the following certifications and registrations:

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and a Woman-owned Business Enterprise (DBE/WBE) by the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (NCTRCA)
  • Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) by the State of Texas
  • Registered with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers – authorized to provide professional engineering services in the state of Texas (Registration No. F-13496)


Our Office

Collaboration and idea generation are big parts of who we are and how we work. To help support this, we've moved our office into The Foundry Club at Mockingbird Station, where we are able to interact with other entrepreneurs, small business owners and solo freelancers. 

The Foundry Club is located in the main office tower just a short walk from the Mockingbird DART station. You can find our design studio on the 9th floor.

Mailing Address

5307 E. Mockingbird Lane, 5th Floor
Dallas, TX 75206