Most cities are struggling to address infrastructure needs and amenity expectations with limited resources.

We connect planning, engineering and finance perspectives together to help community leaders educate and engage residents, enhance quality of life, reduce infrastructure costs and minimize environmental impacts.

VERDUNITY is the planning and engineering connection we’ve been looking for as city managers. They have a fiscal and environmental sustainability approach that minimizes infrastructure costs as opposed to maximizing them. Their team of professionals is intelligent, responsive, and innovative. VERDUNITY is skilled in bringing a fresh approach that is fantastic for mediating issues that often arise between developers and the City, and between cities. We are looking forward to continuing our strong relationship with this company.
— Michael Kovacs, City Manager

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Service Areas

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presentations, Workshops & learning journeys

Establish a common understanding of challenges and opportunities in your community or neighborhood and get residents, local businesses and developers engaged.

open space planning & green infrastructure strategies

Evaluate stormwater management, water quality and open space amenity issues and prioritize recommendations that maximize functionality and return on investment for all stakeholders.

neighborhood & infrastructure consulting

Evaluate fiscal costs and revenues at the city, neighborhood or development scale and prioritize improvements that will improve property values and reduce  infrastructure and service costs.   

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These guys checked out of the big consulting world and are working to carve out a spot for themselves doing principled, Strong Towns-like work. It is tough to be such a pioneer, but we need small firms of innovators like this if the Strong Towns message is going to become the default approach for local governments. If you are in Texas and want to chat with professionals who get it, get a hold of VERDUNITY. If you are in a different part of the country and are trying to start your own innovative firm, they are pioneering a great model for you to keep an eye on and draw inspiration from.
— Charles Marohn, PE, AICP, President, Strong Towns

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VERDUNITY is not your traditional planning and engineering consulting firm

We are committed to people, partners and clients who are serious about making neighborhoods healthier and more resilient. We are not interested in designing expensive infrastructure and development projects that take years to get built with money cities don't have, but rather helping city leaders find ways to save time, money and resources.  Our team thrives on exploring the difficult issues, breaking down traditional silos, and bringing people and perspectives together to take actionable steps forward with the resources you do have available.  

Our Purpose

A better future, by design

Our core purpose is to create a healthy and prosperous future for our kids and future generations. Our vision and philosophy are based on four guiding principles: Fiscal Solvency, Environmental Stewardship, People-Focused Planning and Design, and Engaged Citizens.

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Our People


We are a team of entrepreneurial innovators, facilitators and silo busters who also happen to be engineers, planners, urban designers and sustainable design professionals. We share a passion for challenging "business as usual", pushing new ideas, and empowering local citizens.

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Resources, News and Views

Our blog is a mix of news, ideas and perspectives from a variety of people, industries and locations. It is one of several avenues we utilize to connect, inform and explore ideas. We also partner with several organizations and speak regularly on the topics of financial costs of infrastructure and development patterns, parks and green infrastructure, lean urbanism and incremental development.

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