Cultivating community.

Designing Strong Towns

Planning and engineering services that are people-centric, resource-sensitive, and based on what citizens are willing and able to pay for.

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Engage Residents


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Improve R.O.I.


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Enhance Quality of Life


Most cities are struggling to address infrastructure needs and amenity expectations with limited resources.

We connect planning, engineering and finance perspectives together to help community leaders educate and engage residents, enhance quality of life, reduce infrastructure costs and minimize environmental impacts.

We are not interested in designing expensive infrastructure projects that take years to get built with money cities don't have. We'd much rather partner with community leaders to get things done in less time with the resources you do have.

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"Kevin and the VERDUNITY team are leaders in the field. When only a few others were even talking about it, Kevin was looking for answers as to why cities struggle financially and how engineers can change their approach to put the financial health of the community—and not just the next project—front and center."

Chuck Marohn

Founder & President of Strong Towns

"VERDUNITY is the planning and engineering connection we’ve been looking for as city managers. They have a fiscal and environmental sustainability approach that minimizes infrastructure costs as opposed to maximizing them."

Michael Kovacs

City Manager, City of Fate, TX

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The way we've been planning and building our cities is not sustainable.

The post-WW2 development pattern is critically dependent on growth and consumes more financial and natural resources than it produces. As a result, community leaders across the country are struggling to address basic service, employment, and lifestyle expectations with limited resources and citizen engagement. Most planning and engineering firms continue to sell complex solutions that are more expensive than cities can afford and difficult for residents to understand. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking...

We’re with you.

If we want our communities to be vibrant, prosperous places for our kids and future generations, there are steps we can take right now to bridge these gaps and get back on track. VERDUNITY was formed to help bring planning, engineering, finance, and development perspectives together to help community leaders and citizens to better understand and address these challenges.  We measure success not by fancy projects and big design fees, but by the impact we're helping to make in communities across the country. 

We are pioneers, educators, and collaborators who just also happen to have backgrounds in professional planning, engineering, and development. Learn more about what makes VERDUNITY different.

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Ways we can help your community


Primary Services


Neighborhood Design

People-centric, resource-sensitive design for community-serving streets. Based on what citizens are willing and able to pay for. We find ways to say yes where most engineers say no.


Site Development

Human-scale, context-sensitive design for small developers.


Collaborative Services

We also team up with our fellow members of CULTIVATE! Collaborative for:


Presentations & Workshops

Don't have time or money to attend ICMA, APA, CNU, and Strong Towns conferences? Our keynotes and training sessions pull together proven and emerging strategies for fiscal analysis and ROI-based planning, economic gardening, incremental development, and community empowerment.


Citizen Education & Engagement

In many communities, the only time citizens participate in city efforts is to show up to say 'NO!' There's a better way to encourage residents to contribute their time, talent, and treasure to the betterment of their neighborhood.

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Comp Plan Alternatives

Community-specific programs where we assemble a local implementation team and work alongside you to collect, test, and implement citizens' ideas to improve their neighborhoods—quickly and cost-effectively.