Meet our crew!

With us, business is personal.

Our clients are our friends, our peers, and our communities. We can't expect to help you uncover true priorities and opportunities unless we really get to know you. Within our company, we encourage and expect every member of our team to live a balanced lifestyle and develop close relationships with each other, our friends and our families. 

We are pioneers, educators, and collaborators who just also happen to have professional backgrounds in urban planning, engineering, and development. 

Every member of our team is passionate about educating and engaging citizens and implementing new approaches to make great places where people want to be now and in the future. We are inspired by places, people and other organizations who are willing to challenge "business as usual" and conventional approaches.

[Edit: We’ve recently added some new employees and are working on their individual pages. Check back soon!]

Kevin Shepherd, P.E., ENV-SP

Founder + CEO

Dallas, Texas

Jordan Clark


Dallas, Texas


Felix Landry, AICP

Urban planner + fiscal analyst

Fort Worth, Texas



Community Consulting Program Leader

Lubbock, Texas


Tim Wright, E.I.T.

Civil Engineer

Shreveport, Louisiana


Bhargava Kotapalli

GIS Data Engineer

Dallas, Texas

ryan lozano.jpeg

Ryan Lozano

Civil E.I.T.

Dallas, Texas


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We're always looking to connect with others who share our philosophy and passion to upend the status quo of how we're planning, designing, and building our communities. We’re also eager to learn from people who can challenge our own assumptions and help us grow into a more well-rounded, broadly impactful organization.

If you'd like to join our team or partner with us, please email us at and we'll follow up. (Our careers page is under construction, and we’ll be posting a few job descriptions soon. For now, if you think you add something we’re missing, don’t be shy about it!)