Kevin Shepherd, PE, ENV-SP

Founder & CEO

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  • Texas P.E. #88642

  • Strong Towns - Founders Circle

  • Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) - North Texas Board Member

  • American Planning Association (APA)


Maximizer, Achiever, Relator, Strategic, Individualization


B.S. Civil Engineering: Texas A&M University, 1994 

I've been blessed to live in numerous states and overseas, so my exposure to so many diverse places has definitely impacted my work. My 'a-ha!' moment came back in 2010 when I was working with urban planners, economists and sustainability specialists to help cities across the country recover from the 2008 recession. It was then when I realized the importance of building walkable places for people to the long-term financial, environmental and social health of our communities and country, and how engineers must play a leading role in affecting change. As a father of two, I'm deeply concerned about the world we're leaving to future generations. My personal purpose is to use my experience, resources and abilities to lead and accelerate this change.


Kevin is an entrepreneurial 'plangineer' with over 25 years of experience in civil engineering, planning, site development and municipal finance. He spent 17 years at global A/E firm HDR as a leader of the Dallas office's municipal services program and later as National Director of the Community Planning + Urban Design market sector. In 2011, he founded Verdunity to provide people and resource-focused planning and engineering solutions to progressive cities and developers seeking to move beyond business as usual.

Known for his innovative ideas and willingness to challenge the status quo, Kevin enjoys educating others on fiscal and environmental impacts of various development patterns, and thrives in environments where multiple perspectives must be brought together. Kevin is a Verifier for ISI’s Envision rating system and a member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the STAR Communities program. He is a vocal advocate for the non-profit group Strong Towns, serves on board of the north Texas chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism, and writes and speaks regularly on the topics of fiscally-based planning, small scale development, economic gardening and neighborhood revitalization.


Favorite podcast? Strong Towns, EntreLeadership, and Serial. And Go Cultivate!

Music you put on while you’re working? Whatever WeWork (where our offices are) or Jordan has playing. Outside work, I'm a big fan of Bastille and still love the old stuff from 60s, 70s and 80s (all genres).

One book (or more, if you must) you'd recommend that you've read in the last 2 years? I read a lot, so can't go with just one: The Big Sort, Thinking Fast and Slow, Prosperity without Growth, ReWork, 5 Voices.

Favorite childhood breakfast cereal? Froot Loops were a favorite as a kid. These days I’m a fan of Cinnamon Life and good old fashioned granola with some blueberries or strawberries.