Jordan Clark

Planning, Design, Communications

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Learner, Ideation, Restorative, Individualization, Responsibility


M.S. Ecological Design: Conway School, 2015 

B.A. Political Science: Anderson University (IN), 2011

A lot of the way I think about cities and neighborhoods is shaped by the diversity of places I lived while growing up (which I'm still in the process of doing, by the way)—from midwestern suburbs to capitals in El Salvador, Spain, and Egypt, and rural life in Massachusetts. I'm drawn to places where people naturally find connection and community, and I think it's important to observe, preserve, and learn from them. I'm lucky to work alongside people I admire and learn from on a daily basis.

Things I try to bring to the table (other than hummus) are: an outspokenness for making our communities more equitable, inclusive, and just; a knack for storytelling, listening, and asking good questions; a pretty good eye for design; a mild obsession with trees (WE LIVE IN TEXAS, PEOPLE, IS IT THAT MUCH TO ASK FOR A LITTLE SHADE); and occasional high fives. I sometimes get made fun of for stretching.


Jordan's unusual background (a grab bag of ecological design & planning, political science, and education) and easy-going personality make him a valuable team member for any project. At Verdunity, he's our content curator, graphic designer, editor, podcast host, conceptual site design specialist, assistant planner, and resident hispanohablante. He has planning and site design experience in North Texas and Massachusetts. 

Just because…

What do you do outside of work? I go for lots of walks (while listening to podcasts), I cook a lot (while listening to podcasts), I read a lot, I eat breakfast tacos whenever possible.

Favorite podcast? It’s a tossup between Edge of Sports with Dave Zirin, Citations Needed, and Go Cultivate! (what, like you you wouldn’t plug your own podcast here).

Music you put on while you’re working? It’s almost always hip hop, R&B, or jazz. Vince Staples, J Dilla, SZA, Frank Ocean, Kamasi Washington, Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, stuff like that.

One book (or more, if you must) you'd recommend that you've read in the last 2 years? Crime & Punishment. If you want a great graphic novel: Fun Home.

Favorite childhood breakfast cereal? There’s a long answer to this question but this isn’t the place for that. As a kid I never let myself get comfortable with a single breakfast cereal. I kept a nice rotation. I once made a definitive ranking of all breakfast cereals. I want to say Team Cheerios here because it was so tragically and deliciously short-lived. Hard not to love “3 delicious O's teamed up for one sweet crunch.” The lesson of Team Cheerios is that good things don’t last.