Felix Landry, AICP

City Planner

Based in:

Fort Worth






American Planning Association (APA)


Activator, Learner, Command, Strategic, Analytical


Master of Urban Planning: Texas A&M University, 2010 

B.S. Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences: Texas A&M University, 2007 

My education and interests began in park design and then finished in urban planning at Texas A&M University. While in school I travelled and studied cities all over the U.S. and Europe. In all these places I found cities that people moved to just to live there.  They didn’t have a job lined up or a school district in mind for their children. One of two reasons most often surfaced for moves like that. They wanted to live closer to a loved one, or they encountered an environment they felt more alive in. Civic environments with that kind of attractive power share some common characteristics. We can build that character into our cities, if we want to. 

I believe a good, true, beautiful city provides the best environment for all people to achieve their fullest potential. That kind of city exists on a spectrum with two people working together for common benefit on one end and a heavenly metropolis on the other. Every stage in between has a unique ability to impart goodness, truth, and beauty to its citizens; to create environment where people feel more alive. I hope to help any city, at any stage, find its place along that spectrum. I play a small role in that effort, here at Verdunity, which focuses on incorporating fiscal sustainability and equity into a city’s planning and development processes. Currently, most city planning efforts don’t have any population or fiscal constraints worked into their land use plan or development regulations. Typical planning processes do not cast a fiscally sustainable or fiscally equitable vision for our cities. That shortfall prevents our cities from thriving in a way that makes people want to live there first and find jobs once they arrive. We will never achieve that vision of a city if we never cast it.


Felix’s educational background includes a BS in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences and a MA in Urban Planning from Texas A&M University. He also studied abroad in Barcelona Spain, while spending time in Germany, France, and Ireland. His professional career began in public planning work for the City of Waco, Texas. During his five years in Waco he discovered a love for the place where city planning and economics overlap. That interest led him to the City of Fort Worth, Texas, and eventually to Verdunity. Felix loves working in GIS software with big data sets, and translating the results of his research into implementable plans and regulations for cities.


Favorite podcast? Freakonomics.

Music you put on while you’re working? If I listen to music its usually classical piano.

One book (or more, if you must) you'd recommend that you've read in the last 2 years? 1491 & 1493 by Charles Mann.

Favorite childhood breakfast cereal? As a kid, Cinnamon Toast Crunch; as an adult, frosted Mini Wheats with a touch of fruit.