Announcing a new webinar on fiscal sustainability & community engagement (UPDATED)

Announcing a new webinar on fiscal sustainability & community engagement (UPDATED)

Update (Monday, 12/3/18, 2:10pm CST): Did you miss the webinar? No worries! You can still view the recording HERE. (We lost the first few minutes of the introduction, but the bulk of the recording is still there! Let us know if you have issues accessing the recording.)

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! We’re excited to let you know that on Friday, Nov. 30, Kevin Shepherd and Felix Landry will be hosting a free (but limited-participation) live webinar. Here are the details:

Dollars and Sense: How to Cultivate (Real) Fiscal Sustainability + Community Engagement

What’s it about?

Every city strives to be fiscally sustainable, environmentally resilient, & socially inclusive. Yet in reality, daily decisions and investments rarely align with these desired outcomes. We're left with fragile local economies, escalating service costs, and disconnected residents—while frustrated city staff are stuck administering policies that create places citizens struggle to connect with and invest in.

Join us for a free, interactive session to learn and discuss how fiscal analysis can be used to:

  • Confirm your city's definition of fiscal sustainability

  • Understand and communicate financial liabilities and opportunities to close your city's funding gap

  • Frame discussions and inform decisions on topics such as land use, zoning and development in a manner that balances today's priorities with long-term resilience and vitality.

When exactly?

November 30, 2018 at 12:00 PM, Central Time

How can I sign up?

Glad you asked. Clicking this link would be an excellent way to sign up.

Can I bring friends?


Can I bring questions?

Definitely yes.



Felix Landry – City Planner + Data guru at Verdunity

Felix’s educational background includes a BS in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences and a MA in Urban Planning from Texas A&M University. He also studied abroad in Barcelona Spain, while spending time in Germany, France, and Ireland. His professional career began in public planning work for the City of Waco, Texas. During his five years in Waco he discovered a love for the place where city planning and economics overlap. That interest led him to the City of Fort Worth, Texas, and eventually to Verdunity. Felix loves working in GIS software with big data sets, and translating the results of his research into implementable plans and regulations for cities.


Kevin Shepherd - CEO + Founder of Verdunity

Kevin is an entrepreneurial 'plangineer' with over 25 years of experience in civil engineering, planning, site development and municipal finance. He spent 17 years at global A/E firm HDR as a leader of the Dallas office's municipal services program and later as Nat'l Director of the Community Planning + Urban Design market sector. In 2011, he founded Verdunity to provide people and resource-focused planning & engineering solutions to progressive cities & developers seeking to move beyond business as usual.

Known for his innovative ideas & willingness to challenge the status quo, Kevin enjoys educating others on fiscal and environmental impacts of various development patterns, and thrives in environments where multiple perspectives must be brought together. Kevin is a vocal advocate for the Strong Towns movement, serves on board of CNU-NTX, and writes & speaks regularly on the topics of fiscally-based planning, small scale development, economic gardening & neighborhood revitalization.

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