We are facilitators and collaborators who happen to also be engineers, planners and sustainability specialists

We are a team of civil engineers, planners, and sustainability specialists with expertise in land use planning and zoning, municipal finance, transportation planning and design, stormwater management and green infrastructure implementation, and urban design and placemaking. But, design of elaborate, expensive infrastructure projects is not what we do. 

The leaders of our organization spent the majority of our careers with large firms designing complex, expensive projects, only to later realize we were making things more economically fragile and unsustainable. We acknowledged that before we could do more of the types of projects our communities need, we'd have to change how people think about the way we have been planning and building our cities and neighborhoods. Rather than sit back and wait, we started VERDUNITY to help lead this change.

Bridging the Gap

Very few cities have the resources to provide quality of life amenities and address mounting infrastructure maintenance needs, and most citizens are not willing and/or able to pay for the true costs of everything they want. Residents and businesses are willing to pay more for some things though, if they align with their interests and priorities. Strong, vibrant communities have engaged citizens who care deeply about their neighborhoods and those around them, trust their elected officials to manage resources responsibly and equitably, and empowered to actively participate with their time, talents or financial resources. This alignment is more likely when all parties have a deeper understanding of the broader issues facing communities, resource constraints, and available resources.

Yet, in many cities, there are gaps - in knowledge, in priorities and in actions. A unified community begins with establishing a shared understanding of where your city is, how you got there, where you want to go, and most importantly, what resources you have to work with to progress forward. Our approach brings elected officials, staff, residents, businesses and developers together to establish a common platform of understanding, focus energy into constructive dialogue and realistic actions that are mutually beneficial, and empower local citizens to lead change. 

We help city leaders bridge these gaps so that priorities are aligned, citizens are more engaged, and public and private resources are invested in projects that maximize return on investment and make the community more financially strong and resilient.

Core Service Areas

Educational Sessions and Learning Journeys

Build a shared foundation by expanding perspectives

Royse City CPAC Learning Journey
Royse City Wood Street Walking Tour

We strongly encourage communities we partner with to bring elected officials, staff, residents, businesses and developers together to share perspectives and establish a common platform of understanding so that feelings, interests and resources can be focused into constructive dialogue and actions that are mutually beneficial. We utilize a variety of presentations, facilitated discussions and learning journeys (walking tours) to improve understanding of issues and opportunities in your community or for a specific neighborhood or project.

These can be done independently for different community groups, integrated into strategic planning or budgeting efforts, or as the first phase of a larger planning or project effort.

Recent Work

  • Fort Worth: Riverside
  • Royse City: Old Town/Wood Street
  • NCTCOG Training Sessions
  • SMU Engineering Classes
  • Presentations and Speaking Engagements

Neighborhood Workshops

Explore opportunities and identify actionable steps

Riverside High School Workshop
Garland CNU Charrette

Once a foundation of shared knowledge and perspectives is established, then your community can explore issues and opportunities in further detail and prioritize projects and investments around common goals to achieve desired outcomes.

Our assessments and multiple day workshops dig deeper into the challenges and identify short and long-term strategies that leverage available resources, maximize impacts and return on investment. Results and recommendations are documented in a "Strategic Plan for Improving the Neighborhood" (SPIN) Report. 

These can be applied to a project, neighborhood, watershed or the broader community, and can be done independently or as part of a larger project effort.


  • Fort Worth: Riverside
  • Fort Worth: Central Arlington Heights
  • Fort Worth: Near Southside
  • Royse City: Old Town/Wood Street 
  • Fate: Focus Area Master Plans
  • Garland: East End CNU23 Charrette

Planning, Engineering and On-Call Consulting

Implement and execute

Near Southside Development Concepts
CNU23 Garland Legacy Charrette

Making progress as a community ultimately involves taking action. This could entail making changes to strategic planning or regulatory documents, such as updating comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances and development regulations to allow (and encourage) more progressive projects and infill efforts to occur. It could involve capital improvement projects that address transportation, stormwater and water infrastructure needs, or partnering with developers to revitalize existing neighborhoods or build new places for people to live, work, learn, play and worship in your community. But for any project to be a success, we believe it must involve partnerships and active participation from residents, local businesses and community leaders.

Our team frequently provides specialized consulting assistance to other planning, landscape architecture and engineering firms. Occasionally we lead projects ourselves. Either way, we only partner with others who share our passion and goals and who we know will bring tremendous value and innovative ideas to the communities we serve.

Many smaller communities do not have the internal resources to keep up with changing regulations and new approaches or to manage larger planning, development or capital infrastructure projects themselves. For these cities, we are available to provide input and staff augmentation for planning, development and construction activities via hourly, on-call contracts.


  • Royse City: Comprehensive Plan
  • Fate: Unified Development Ordinance and Focus Area Master Plans
  • Farmers Branch: Eastside Comprehensive Plan
  • Sachse: Comprehensive Plan
  • Sachse: Stormwater Master Plan and Utility Fee
  • Dallas: Park Benchmarking and Economic Impact Study
  • Rockwall County: Open Space Master Plan
  • Venus: On-Call Consulting
  • Fate: On-Call Consulting
  • ISI Envision Project Verification