Financial Baseline + Comprehensive Plan Update

Royse City, TX

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City of Royse City

Key Challenge

Royse City is a small, mostly rural community 30 minutes east of Dallas that's on the verge of rapid growth—and it already has significant infrastructure liability. How does the city maintain its neighborly, small-town identity; attract and cultivate quality businesses; and add quality-of-life services without over-extending its resources, both during and after the growth surge?

Our Approach

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Data-driven Analysis

Royse City can't afford to get the next ten-to-fifteen years wrong. We took a hard look at which parts of the city are performing the best in terms of tax revenue, and which are the areas that represent the greatest opportunities for high returns with a little investment. Like most cities, it already has more infrastructure in the ground than it can afford to pay for; the plan calls for concentrated development where the concrete is already laid.


Integrated perspectives

We bring departments together so they understand that city decision-making is a holistic effort. This means getting staff, elected officials, planning & zoning, etc., on the same page regarding the City's fiscal situation and making sure each individual knows what the plan is, why it's useful, and (most importantly) how to apply it to daily decisions.

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Local participation

A great plan is destined to fail if it doesn't have buy-in from residents. We bring members of the community into the fold early and often to gauge their concerns, their hopes, their ideas. This means talking to business-owners about cultivating a stronger relationship with City Hall, walking through neighborhoods to talk about problems (and solutions) on the streets themselves, and equipping the City to make grassroots projects the norm.

The outcomes

Engaged & Empowered Citizens

Throughout the planning process, VERDUNITY sought and incorporated resident feedback through in-person interviews, online surveys, and neighborhood meetings. We hosted a neighborhood walking tour and series of meetings come up with a redesign of Wood Street, a catalyst project in Old Town that will include the city’s first multi-use trail. One of the plan’s nine pillars focuses on fostering improved communications and creating engaged and empowered citizens and community organizations. 

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Increased R.O.I.

The City’s resources are lean in the near-term, so we started the planning process with a thorough assessment of infrastructure assets, liabilities and revenue streams, as well as a land productivity analysis (tax revenue per acre) to identify areas where additional value can be captured around existing infrastructure. Implementation recommendations included concentrating development around existing infrastructure and prioritizing funding for large-scale green infrastructure.

Enhanced quality of life

The plan takes a neighborhood-centric approach to development and services, aiming to create a diverse mix of housing types for people in different stages of life; walkable, human-scale neighborhoods with easy access to daily needs; a multi-modal transportation network; a healthy network of natural areas that also have recreational use; and a thriving local economy built on supporting local small businesses and attracting quality businesses from elsewhere. Key to drawing new residents will be an emphasis on placemaking, concentrating high-quality services to a limited footprint, and strong civic involvement.

Services Provided

Revenue and Service Cost Analysis

Infrastructure and Property Tax Assessment

Land Use Planning

Multi-Model Mobility Planning

Corridor Design and Typical Sections

Date Completed

March 2017

Team Members

Kevin Shepherd, Kristin Green, Mikel Wilkins, Jordan Clark




"Your firm has been invaluable in working on this important document for Royse City. You researched, documented and had a vision for our community’s potential future. That vision isn’t just what it could (and will) look like, but how to get there the RIGHT WAY. What is laid out in this booklet shouldn’t be looked at as just suggestions – these are thoroughly thought-out PLANS that need to be followed. Thank you and your team greatly for your time in making this plan a true blueprint for Royse City."

Julia Bryant, Chamber Director


“The relationship between the City and the School District is very important to our community and to our kids. I’m excited about the plans our community is putting in place to help us manage our growth in a smart way. It’s encouraging to know more about making smarter decisions. It’s great to hear our city is being proactive and getting input from stakeholders on the future!” 

Kevin Worthy, Royse City ISD Superintendent 


“Royse City is a great town with activities for people of all ages and stages of life. As a member of CPAC, I was skeptical at first because I didn’t think this would be something that could be put into action, but as I talked with people, I felt like this plan puts the city on track to grow smartly. This Plan allows us to look to the future to know what we can be, and also to reflect back on what makes Royse City great. With this plan, we’ll be able to maintain that small town feel while offering more opportunities for the people coming here.” 

Brian Zator, Plan Advisory Committee Chair


“As a city, we juggle two different things: a Main Street, hometown feel and our I-30 corridor. I’m very passionate about our downtown and want to preserve and improve it. We’ve got to have a plan to manage the growth we’re experiencing. I’ve learned so much during this process about our opportunities. Having a plan is exciting because it will make it so much easier for our staff and Council. What I want to see come out of this effort is for us to follow it and follow through.” 

Janet Nichol, Mayor of Royse City