Meet the Verdooners.

With us, business is personal.

Our clients are our friends, our peers, and our communities. We can't expect to help you uncover true priorities and opportunities unless we really get to know you. Within our company, we encourage and expect every member of our team to live a balanced lifestyle and develop close relationships with each other, our friends and our families. 

Our team members are innovators, educators and collaborators who just happen to also be professional planners, civil engineers, urban designers and sustainability specialists. 

Every member of our team is passionate about educating and engaging citizens and implementing new approaches to make great places where people want to be now and in the future. We are inspired by places, people and other organizations who are willing to challenge "business as usual" and conventional approaches.


Kristin Green, PE, ENV-SP


As VERDUNITY's majority owner, Kristin leads, inspires, and many times, corrals our crew. She has been recognized by national, regional and local publications as a leader in the engineering profession and in her home community, where she serves on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Kristin oversees the firm's operations and contributes transportation and site civil engineering expertise on projects.


Kevin Shepherd, PE, ENV-SP/Verifier


Kevin brings a unique combination of engineering and planning perspectives, along with expertise in business and municipal finance.  He leverages his breadth of experience to educate, identify opportunities, and bring disciplines and stakeholders together to push the limits of traditional design, planning and development approaches. Kevin is a Verifier for ISI’s Envision rating system and a member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the STAR Communities program. He is a vocal advocate for the non-profit group Strong Towns, participates in several professional organizations related to planning and engineering, serves on board of the north Texas chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism, and writes and speaks regularly on the topics of fiscally-based planning, lean urbanism, small scale development, economic gardening and neighborhood revitalization. Kevin oversees our strategic planning and business development activities and leads planning and engagement efforts for the firm.

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Mikel WIlkins, PE, ENV-SP/Verifier


Mikel has over 22 years of environmental engineering and consulting experience working with municipalities, military installations and developers throughout the country. Like Kevin, Mikel is an Envision Accredited Sustainability Professional and Verifier. Mikel is an expert in the field of low impact development, green infrastructure and integrated stormwater management. He works closely with clients to integrate these concepts into projects to improve water quality, reduce flooding risk, and elevate property values. Mikel assists with business development and client management, and leads environmental efforts for the firm.

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Jordan Clark

Jordan is a planner and designer with specialization in ecological design. He earned his Masters in Ecological Design from the Conway School in Massachusetts, and also has BA in Political Science. Jordan has a diverse background in urban planning and design, ecology and landscape architecture, and is fluent and Spanish (also English). He handles the majority of the graphic design work for our team as well. His influences include Chuck Marohn (Strong Towns), Aaron Renn, and Ken Byrne, and his perspective has also been shaped by time spent living and working abroad in Madrid, Spain and Cairo, Egypt. He is especially passionate about issues of social equity, education, and ecological stewardship.

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