Our core purpose is to preserve and enhance quality of life for future generations.

Our vision and philosophy are based on four guiding principles. Everything we do with our clients, within our organization, and in our home communities can be tied back to these core values.

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Antifragile, Incremental Growth
  • Engaged "Strong" Citizens
Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.
— Gabrielle Bernstein

How we work.

Successful companies understand the importance of a strong culture and amazing people. We are no different. From the day we started, we have worked to create an environment that respects individual needs, talents and personalities, but that binds these together into a cohesive team that shares our bigger goals. We've invested in an office setup, tools and processes that allow tremendous flexibility for where, when and how our team gets their work done. We strive to work smart (not hard) and have fun while we're doing it. The combination of our people and shared purpose are what makes VERDUNITY a special place. 

Every day, we're doing what we love, with people we like being around, for clients we enjoy working with. It's awesome.


There are seven behavioral values we look for and cultivate in our team.

Authenticity attracts.

Trust and teamwork begins with self awareness and honesty. Know who you are, be that person all day every day with everyone.

Criticize with compassion, care without restraint.

Giving and receiving constructive criticism, honest feedback and compassion improves our ideas, our results and each other. 

Relentless learning and influential education.

Never stop searching for new ideas and ways to improve yourself and others around you.

Fail forward.

Where there are no problems, there's no progress. It's better to fail incrementally and not catastrophically.


Disciplined pursuit of doing less, but doing those things better. Whatever you're doing, be present and give it 110%.

No egos allowed.

Together we are better. We will not compromise what's best for the team in order to serve one person's interests or ego.

Self-employed mentality.

Work, act and make decisions as if you owned the company yourself.