VERDUNITY is not your traditional planning or engineering firm. We are committed to people, partners and clients who are serious about making neighborhoods healthier and resilient.

The way we've been building our places is not sustainable. The wants and needs of cities far exceed available resources, yet most planning and engineering firms continue to sell solutions that are more expensive than cities can afford and that negatively impact the social and natural environment. 

We are not interested in designing expensive infrastructure projects that take years to get built with money cities don't have, but rather helping city leaders find ways to save time, money and resources. We believe we can improve the future of communities and neighborhoods through intentional planning and design decisions, collaboration and engaged citizens. We are inspired by people and organizations who are willing to challenge "business as usual" and let go of conventional approaches.

We know that fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship mean something different for every project and community, and our team is committed to helping you figure out what works best for your situation. Our team thrives on exploring difficult issues, breaking down traditional silos, and bringing people and perspectives together to take actionable steps forward with the resources you do have available.

We help community leaders identify and deliver projects that engage citizens, enhance quality of life, reduce infrastructure costs, and minimize environmental impacts.

VERDUNITY... what's up with the name?

There are a lot of consulting firms in the marketplace. Many of them use the owner’s name or initials in the company name. We wanted a name that would help us stand out from the crowd and be representative of our company's purpose, our core clients, and how we work. 

Our name and accompanying tagline represent our vision, approach and company culture, and demonstrate that we approach things differently, starting with a unique name.

Here's the idea:

Verde Drawn.png


The 'VERD' portion of our name represents what inspires us:

  • Fiscally Productive Places
  • Natural Systems and Green Infrastructure
  • Economic Gardening and Incremental Development


The 'UNITY' represents where and how we work:

  • Communities and Neighborhoods
  • Locally-Led Initiatives
  • Partnerships



We believe we can improve communities and neighborhoods through intentional planning and design decisions, collaboration and engaged citizens, and that the path to a healthy and prosperous future for our kids begins with bridging the gap between what citizens need and what cities are actually doing. 



Our core purpose is to preserve and enhance quality of life for future generations.

Our vision and philosophy are based on four guiding principles. Everything we do with our clients, within our organization, and in our home communities can be tied back to these core values.

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Antifragile, Incremental Growth
  • Engaged "Strong" Citizens