Welcome to the "VERDUNITY Community" Blog

Those of us here at VERDUNITY are excited to announce the start of our new blog, which we've decided to call "VERDUNITY Community". In the coming weeks, members of our team will be writing to share a little bit about themselves, and preview some of the topics they'll be exploring in more detail. Our goal is to vary content between sharing ideas, providing updates on projects, and summarizing things we've read or viewed. Some of the topics we'll be writing about include:

  • Infrastructure ROI
  • Making the business case for green infrastructure
  • Importance of local elections to community quality of life
  • The VERDUNITY Model for balancing urban and natural systems to improve fiscal productivity and reduce environmental impacts
  • Who is responsible for the long-term resiliency of a community?
  • "Next" urbanism
  • Economic gardening
  • Neighborhood success stories
  • Collaboration with organizations we partner with (Strong Towns, ISI, impact infastructure and others)
  • Women in engineering
  • STEM education
  • Water conservation
  • Summaries of conferences and presentations we're involved with

Please follow along, comment, critique and share, and help us continue to grow the VERDUNITY Community!