What makes VERDUNITY different?

Our founder spent the first 15 years of his career as a civil engineer at a global architecture/engineering consulting firm designing site development and infrastructure projects for cities throughout Texas. He was taught that infrastructure expansion led to economic growth, so the investments made sense. In 2009, he was given the opportunity to lead his former firm's Community Planning & Urban Design practice, where he was exposed to the world of planners, urban designers, landscape architects and economists and got to work with cities all over Canada and the U.S. 

Thanks to the lingering impacts of the 2008 recession and some timely content from Chuck Marohn at Strong Towns, our founder had his “oh crap” moment in 2010 when he realized that cities would never have enough money to maintain all of the infrastructure being built or continue to provide quality services in an equitable manner if they continued business as usual. Furthermore, he understood that he would be in a better position to drive true change if he was not associated with a large firm that depended on big projects. In 2011, Kevin started VERDUNITY so he could help communities and design professionals understand and begin to address these challenges.

We are innovative pioneers, educators, and collaborators who just also happen to have backgrounds in professional planning, engineering, and development. We’ve developed the Cultivating Community Approach to help community leaders break down silos, eliminate the excess, and begin implementing projects immediately with resources you already have on hand.

Our core purpose is to preserve and enhance quality of life for future generations.

Our vision and philosophy are based on four guiding principles. Everything we do with our clients, within our organization, and in our home communities can be tied back to these core values:

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Antifragile, Incremental Growth
  • Engaged 'Strong Citizens'

VERDUNITY... what's up with the name?

There are a lot of consulting firms in the marketplace. Many of them use the owner’s name or initials in the company name. We wanted a name that would help us stand out from the crowd and be representative of our company's purpose, our core clients, and how we work. 

Our name and accompanying tagline represent our vision, approach and company culture, and demonstrate that we approach things differently, starting with a unique name.

The 'VERD' portion of our name represents what inspires us:

  • Fiscally Productive Places
  • Natural Systems and Green Infrastructure
  • Economic Gardening and Incremental Development

The 'UNITY' represents where and how we work:

  • Communities and Neighborhoods
  • Locally-Led Initiatives
  • Partnerships
Combined Circles drawn - dark transparent.png


We believe we can improve communities and neighborhoods through intentional planning and design decisions, collaboration and engaged citizens, and that the path to a healthy and prosperous future for our kids begins with bridging the gap between what citizens need and what cities are actually doing.